Hello UTP.

There are so many things happened to me last week. Muar - UTP - Cameron Highland - UTP - Shah Alam - Banting - Putrajaya - UTP. All activities in one goddamn week. Seriously, I'm soooo effin' tired. 
My sister's engagement, my trip to Cameron, my pre-Ramadhan makan2 with along and pizah. Ffuhhh. I need 32 hours to qada' balik my sleeping time, hehe. 
I'll upload the pictures - later
Hmm. GMT class tomorrow. The kids really get on my nerves. *macam orang tua betul -_-" *
Selamat malam. Need to sleep early this month. Or else, cik mai will face a hard time to take me out from Wonderland. So, Assalamualaikum. :) 

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