Can I just....erm take a good nap while dreaming I'm eating McD breakfast set? Hehe. Ohh.. Laziness struck me. So I'm going to post funny pictures this time. Pictures which made me laughing histerically last night. Warning: Laughing histerically is dangerous during pregnancy. :P


Batman pride...

Cat lives.

Yeah! Cat magicians!

Cat trap

Catprism. kekeke~

Oops. caught up in cuteness!

My sandwich face. 


False advertising.

Go green WIN!!

Hedgehog covered in bubbles. awww aegyo!

Einstein's cat.

How to move a big rock.

Not funny at all..

Oh! Grandma..

Something I would purposefully make mad.

Taller staff needed.

T-rex fun.

Yes, very liberal. 

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