There's not much I can say about my symposium. I don't know how to express my feelings right now. At first I was so soooo soooooooo hampir pitam. needless to say, I hate Dr. Zuhar so much. Ah. oh gawd. sangat2 ughh! But. come to think of it, I'm lucky to not having him as my examiner.. ffuuuh. Praise to Allah.
All I can say is, I'm so tired and mentally ill right now. Cik mai, bit, and kak dahlila were the witnesses of all the tears I've been holding on after some crucial minutes of waiting for my beloved Dr. Hadi.  He wasn't there for me weh.. He wasn't there to watch me fighting, and to give me moral support, and to back me up when I was atacked by Dr. Zuhar. Sedeyhhh uolls... Why did Dr. Zuhar is so inhuman compared to my very examiners? Dr. Chow and Prof. Bernard pun cakap baik2. takde lah kasar macam dia... Bukannya aku tak buat kerja aku. takyah la cakap macam aku dok goyang kaki je kat utp ni..  Malu tau.. Dah la ramai lak tu dalam meeting room~~  wuuuu :(
I can't wait for the next symposium. I promise I'll do better than this. So Dr. Zuhar. Look me in the eyeball. I'm not giving up. Cik mai and I will impress you more than Chuya did all this time! pbbthh. 

Me after the symposium. Mata sembab. Don't ask me why. sendiri2 paham la ye.
Cik mai. comel je. Thank you awak untuk sume2 lah!
And thank you too for the shoulder. :)
Kak dahlila. Thank you for your advices. I owe you big!
Err.. cik bit xde plak gambar symposium dia, sebab dia present esok. Good Luck bit! hee.
*picture taken from cik bit and cik mai*

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