Thehehe... :)

Seems like I'm also in the lovey-dovey mood! :)
Cik mai keep asking me - why do I smile wider than Abit (refer link here and here). Heh. It is simple; I'm happy for Abit. She waited for him for a very long period, and now, she would never ever lack of love and she would never be lonely again. Smile Abit, because the world is yours. :)
I'm happy for her - errr... kinda jealous 'coz I've never had one. I know what it feels like when you sit alone, waiting for him to text you. I know the feeling of having a long distance relationship, and the worst part of mine was I never get such attention whenever he came back to Malaysia. It hurts, you know. 
Nah. Let bygone, be bygone. I don't want any more sad feeling. Mau happy2 aje buat masa sekarang sambil dengar cerita2 dari Abit. It's good for thought ok. :)
*Graaaahh. I think this blog will be Abit's soon. :P *

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