Kekeke. The feeling came and hit me like a hurricane. Froze. My beloved friend, Abit, is in love again (I guess). Ohhhh goshhh. The feeling spread like H1N1; once you inhale it, it started to work like "an engineer of love" in your tiny heart. Very sweet, yet very contagious. She changed the atmosphere in our house, and surprised us with her mee sup. 
She gave me this riddle:
"Black is my eyes, Fair is my skin. Red is?"
There you go. A loveydovey question - make me puke. HAHA. Yeah, I tried to avoid giving answer yang jiwang-jiwang karat. Yaiksss. Urghhh. Nah. I better surrender because Abit seems excited when I gave the wrong answers. Wanna know what the answer is?
"You. Because my blood is red, and all the part in my blood is you."
Uwekkkkkk~ Petrificus Totalus!

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