I've been under the weather for 18 days already. Is there anything wrong with my immune system? Fever, flu, sore throat, knee pain...... 
To make it worst, for the first week of being unwell, I've taken more than 3 panadols. Everyday, to make it clear. It's sickening me, for I am not a regular panadol user - I'd rather to cringe in pain than taking panadols. Dude, frankly speaking I'm afraid to take pills. Yes I am. 
Now, it's aching all over the body. I try to stay put, to not crying, cz I'm afraid that it'll deplete my body fluids. Errr.. ??
I'll be going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Hope I'll recover soon. Sooner. Now. I hate pills
Cik mai kata, dia kawan dengan orang tua. Hikhik. Yelah, hari2 ngadu kat dia sakit tu la, sakit ni la.. she wonders macam mana la agaknya aku kalau pregnant. Ni muda2 lagi dah macam2.. -_-

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