Volume up. I'm tired to be such a hypocrite.

Urgh.. currently am not interested to any kind of drama, so yeah I'm watching MVs all the time. It blew away the urge and the need to bad mouthed Bibi (sometimes, yeah sometimes I can't control it). Oh I'm sorry, I apologize, for the word "hate" is a strong word, but hell yeah, who cares? The hate had already begun. 
But there's something that bugging me really hard. It's the Hate feeling. Once I've hate a person, automatically I'll hate each and every thing that relate to that person. This is a serious business. How will I deal with my inner emotion? How?
I'll just let the Hate grow bigger, that's for sure. 
How can a person with a complex emotion, a higher - than - Great Wall of China - ego can be born? Oh please why, why that person can switch his/her emotions in a blink of an eye? How can he/she has the strength to smile at his/her friend's tears - and he/she is the one who causes the pain - and without even saying "I'm sorry about causing you so much trouble", or a bit less sorry, ''If you had any inconvenience, may I apologize". Argh! Mental breakdown!
And I call it as Idiotic. Oh! maybe Bipolar. 
So this is a lullaby I prepared for that person.
Nite-nite. Sleep tight. Dear bug, please bite.

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